PiNS ON FiRE will offer discounted pre-order bundles.  In order to place a pre-order through Shopify, you must create an account with our store.  Our pre-order bundles will include free shipping and require a non-refundable, $5 deposit at the time of placing the pre-order.  The remaining balance of your pre-order will be due around the expected shipping date listed in the pre-order listing.  We will notify pre-order customers via email when we are expecting our shipment and that the remaining balance is due to complete the purchase.  Your deposit guarantees you will receive the FiGPiNs ordered.  We have received every order we have ever placed with FiGPiN, so it would be extremely rare that you would not receive the items.  If the items are canceled by FiGPiN, your deposit will be returned to you.  Sometimes production will take longer than expected and the date we receive the inventory may be later than expected.  This is out of our control, so your order cannot be canceled and your deposit will not be refunded.  In the extremely unlikely situation that we do not receive enough inventory to fulfill a pre-order, we will refund the $5 deposit and give you a $5 store credit.  

Pre-order items are purchased before we receive the inventory.  Pre-order listings are not ready to ship.  Each pre-order listing will have its own expected shipping date.  The estimated shipping time is located in the description of each pre-order item.  Please make note of the expected shipping date before purchasing.  To avoid delays in shipping of other pre-order items and in stock items, please place each pre-order item in a separate order.  All items placed in the same order are shipped together.

Please do not contact us on the status of your pre-order prior to the estimated shipping date.  You will receive USPS tracking via email once your pre-order items have shipped.  Do not place a pre-order if you need your item by a certain date as we cannot guarantee that the product will arrive by any specific date.  Pre-orders can have production delays.  When placing your pre-order you agree to these terms.  Do not place a pre-order if you are unwilling to wait for your items to arrive. 

No order cancellations will be allowed once you have placed your pre-order. 

Please see the FiRE POWER page regarding early serial number email for pre-order items.