PiNS ON FiRE is more than happy to email your FiGPiN serial numbers to you after your purchase and before we ship your order.  Simply include "FiRE POWER" or mention the serial numbers in the notes section of the order and we'll send them to you as quickly as possible.  Opening the packaging to get the serial numbers is time consuming, so please be patient during new releases or if your order contains a lot of pins.  All pins remain unopened unless serial numbers are requested.  

Serial numbers will be sent out in order number, oldest to newest.  For pre-orders, the serial numbers will be sent out by order number, oldest to newest, as long as full payment has been completed by the time we begin sending serial number emails.  We will announce the serial number email start time on Instagram 1-2 hours before we begin sending the serial numbers.  There is no benefit to paying off your pre-order early.  The original order number is the primary order.  When we let you know that we will be receiving the stock soon, simply complete your payment.  If you do not pay off your order by the time we begin sending serial number emails, we will skip your order number and send your serial numbers to you as soon as you have completed payment.